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the kind of girl that made you wish you spoke a little French

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Cherry Glazerr → Nurse Ratched

Posted: Aug 26th @ 19:37


I’m actually crying right now. Something that seemed impossible for me might actually happen in the future. I just hope this isn’t repealed by the time I feel comfortable enough in my life to transition. I know this doesn’t seem important to most people but this just gave me another reason to keep moving forward with my life. 🙏

Posted: Aug 25th @ 22:51

#The Velvet Underground & Nico #Lou Reed #John Cale #Sterling Morrison #Nico #Maureen Tucker #1966

i’m getting ready for school and it’s raining like crazy and the house is super quiet and im listening to warpaint and cherry glazerr this id actually kinda nice

Posted: Aug 25th @ 08:39
FIDLAR → I Just Wanna Die

Posted: Aug 25th @ 04:20

it’s 2 am and i have to wake up for school in 4 hours hahahaah fuck me right

Posted: Aug 25th @ 03:57
Posted: Aug 25th @ 03:00
Posted: Aug 25th @ 02:55

the biggest fuck you to every beyonce hate article written by a white feminist
Posted: Aug 24th @ 21:52
Posted: Aug 24th @ 18:46
Blonde Redhead → Elephant Woman

Posted: Aug 24th @ 18:34

EXPERIMENTAL JELLY - Listen on 8tracks
a collection of dreamy surf pop and beach goth songs

Teenage Girl - Cherry Glazer | King of the Beach - Wavves | Rebel Girl - Bikini Kill | Dead In Your Head - Bleached | Sick Shit - Together Pangea | Nothing To Do - Bleeding Knees Club | Location - Uncle Dad | Bloody Bandaid - Cherry Glazerr | Honey - Swim Deep | Flowers On The Wall - Tomorrows Tulips | Humdrum Blues - The Growlers | Offer - Together Pangea | Doused - DIIV | She Wore Rat Skin Boots - Goons of Doom | 58th St - Gap Dream | Pray For The Sunshine - Mylee Grace and Ozzy Wrong | California Daze - Peace | Someday - The Growlers | Untitled - Tomorrows Tulips | Haxel Princess - Cherry Glazerr | Sugar - Santoros | Let’s Go Surfing - The Drums | No Waves - FIDLAR | Redheaded Girl - Tijuana Panthers | Reverse Shark Attack - Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin | Lost My MInd - Froth | Oaxaca - Froth | Nobody Owns You - The Growlers | Melting - Meth Wax | Unchain Your Brain - White Fang | Nico - Mr. Elevator and the Brain Hotel | Planet Of The Dreamers - Jacuzzi Boys